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Collamat Linerfree®

Sustainable labeling without waste. Custom-printed labels of variable length. Double operating time and less storage costs.


Sustainability – The word on everyone’s lips

Sustainability is becoming a necessity for companies all over the world due to the increased focus on climate change and the emergence of the 17 UN Global Goals (SDGs).

All the more, closing the knowing/doing gap by embracing a green approach to business practices is crucial.

As a result, most companies today have a CSR business strategy, which includes lowering CO2 emissions and eliminating waste.

Global goals & green solutions

The SDGs call on companies everywhere to advance sustainable development through the investments they make, the solutions they develop, and the business practices they adopt.

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An easy approach to reduce CO2 emissions & tree cutting

Protecting the lungs of the earth

Forests are carbon absorbers and are often referred to as the “lungs of the earth”.

But did you know, that when trees are cut, burned or otherwise removed they emit CO2 instead of absorbing it. According to WWF, deforestation and forest degradation are responsible for around 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

40 billion m2 of backing paper

The backing paper of labels, also called liner, is pure waste, which has to be disposed of. Recycling is not yet a widespread and an conomical option. Research has shown, that the labelling industry is responsible for a minimum of annually 40 billion m2 of backing paper.

An average of 50 – 60 % of the material that goes into making label material ends up in landfills.

This equates to 10 more than million tons of unnecessary CO2 emission every year.*

Zero waste = 50% less tree cutting

When searching for new and innovative ways of reducing global CO2
emissions, Collamat has developed a sustainable and inventive labelling solution, which is able to eliminate waste and thereby reduces the cutting of trees by 50%.

Hence, using labelling material without backing paper is by far the most sustainable way of labelling.


Patented print & apply labeling solution, which does not require backing paper.

The Collamat Linerfree® solution offers all companies with industrial production and packaging a sustainable alternative with zero waste and maximum flexibility.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Collamat Linerfree® is a significant contribution to your company’s CSR activities to reduce CO2 emissions and helps achieve the UN sustainable development goals no. 9, 12, 13, and 15.

It uses 100% of the labeling material, unlike conventional systems where up to 50% of the labeling material remains as waste, which must be disposed of.


  • Zero waste
  • Flexible & efficient
  • Industry 4.0 – IOT
  • One-stop supplier

An environmentally-friendly print & apply the solution with more capacity and flexibility

Why is less more…

With Linerfree® the need for preprinted labels is eliminated and the amount of label stock required is reduced since all labels can be printed in one label format on the fly.

With a single Linerfree® label roll, 5,000 labels (100 mm label length) can be printed and applied – compared to approx. 2,500 labels on a conventional label roll with backing paper.

Unique thermal paper quality for
perfect prints are less more…

Collamat has extensive experience in testing and selecting the best and most robust materials with long-lasting visibility.

Furthermore, we have experience with a range of different label variations, such as standard and cold adhesives as well as removable adhesives. All materials are bisphenol-free and RoHS compliant.


  • 50-70% reduction of label stocking costs
  • Double operating time – reduced downtime
  • Variable label length on the fly
  • Double lifetime on printheads
  • Fewer & faster label roll changes

Collamat Linerfree® Machines

Collamat Linerfree® Wipe On Version

Sustainable labeling of moving products without waste. Custom-printed labels of variable length. Double operating time and less storage costs.

Collamat Linerfree® Tamp On Version

Sustainable labeling without waste. Custom-printed labels of variable length. Double operating time and less storage costs.

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