Für die Pflege Ihrer Drucker bieten wir Ihnen entsprechende Reinigungsmittel an

Cramolin Printer

Easily removes ink, paper and toner residue.

Cramolin Printer contains a well-matched solvent blend to remove ink and toner residues from needle, inkjet and laser printers. Pick rollers from printers can be cleaned from paper abrasion just as effectively. Annoying paper feeding problems are eliminated. Cramolin Printer does not attack the common construction materials and evaporates without leaving any residue. 


Cramolin Kleb-Ex

Easily and safely removes self-adhesive labels.

Cramolin Adhesive-Ex makes it easy to remove adhesive paper labels. The active ingredient penetrates the paper and releases the adhesive power of the adhesive. The adhesive residue can be easily wiped off with a cloth or paper. Due to the strong solvent effect, a few materials, e.g. Polystyrene attacked. In case of doubt, a test on a small or invisible area is recommended. Contents: 200ml, 400 ml or 5l