External rewinder CAB ER1 / 2/3

For direct printer connection

The rewinder is bolted to the label printer. Label winding either inside or outside.

The electronic control via the pendulum arm ensures a uniform, tight winding.


External rewinder CAB ER4/6/8

With built-in power supply

The rewinder can also be used on third-party printers. All other technical features correspond to the rewinders ER1 / 2/3.

External rewinder Labelmate CAT-3-STD

The industry standard

The Labelmate CAT-3-STD processes labels up to a width of 155mm and label roll up to a diameter of 300mm. Torque and direction of rotation are adjustable. Two torque ranges offer a lot of power when winding up.

External rewinder Labelmate CAT-3-ACH

The variable

The Labelmate CAT-3-ACH with adjustable core holder for core sizes from 25 to 101mm diameter and fixed flange. If you want a guide of the outer edge of the label, use the CAT-3-ACH-APG.