Paper Labels


Paper Standard Labels and Tags

White, smooth standard paper face, which is an optimal balance between performance and price. Thermal transfer or direct thermal.


High-quality paper labels and tags

Unique white, extremely smooth paper face with special coating for optimal performance and image quality. Thermal transfer or direct thermal.

Synthetic Labels


Standard or rough textured synthetic labels

White polyethylene face stock with low scratch and smudge resistance but excellent flexibility in applying labels to rounded or rough surfaces, temperatures up to 60 ° C and up to 6 months outdoors. Offer includes matte and glossy materials. 


High-quality synthetic labels for rough or rounded surfaces

Satin white polyolefin upper material with limited scratch and wipe resistance, but excellent flexibility when applying labels on rounded or rough surfaces, temperatures of up to 80 ° C and up to 9 months outdoors. Offer includes semi-rigid and flexible materials for use on rough or rounded surfaces.


Non-marking and scratch-resistant synthetic labels and tags

Glossy polyester face stock with unparalleled smudge and scratch resistance, resistance to moderately aggressive chemicals, temperatures up to 150 ° C and up to 3 years outdoors. Offer includes a selection of materials in white and silver as well as transparent and yellow materials.