Desktop printer

Sato CT4-LX

Next generation smart desktop printer


An example of true SATO innovation and ‘ceaseless creativity’, the intuitive CT4-LX printer is the perfect blend of compact dimensions and powerful performance. Designed to save time for operators and significantly increase efficiency in fast-paced business environments, the printer utilises thermal and direct thermal printing up to 128mm width in tear-off or continuous operation.


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Sato CG2

Unmatched Performance, Ease of Use, and Versatility


With superior performance and affordability, these 51-mm print width models, with 203 and 305 dpi resolutions respectively, are among the best on the market. This model is available with different interface combinations.


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Sato CG4

Unmatched in Performance, Comfort and Versatility


With superior performance and affordability, these two models with 102mm print width and 203 and 305dpi resolutions, respectively, are among the best on the market. This model is available with different interface combinations.


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Industial printers

Sato CL4NX Plus

Raising the bar for industrial label printers


The CL4NX Plus is able to handle both high-end and mid-range printing requirements in one complete solution and represents the evolution of SATO industrial thermal printers. The industry-leading printer enables the reduction of labour costs as a result of fewer media changes.


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Sato CL6NX

Universally and globally applicable


The NX series represents the new generation of SATO's thermal transfer and direct thermal printers with advanced functionality in the use of barcode symbologies, character sets and RFID coding. The NX series is the result of SATO's global R & D networks and provides real value for high quality label printing.


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Sato M84Pro

Industrial High Performance Printers for the Most Demanding Applications


The M84Pro Series - the rugged generation of high performance and high resolution printers for industrial applications. The M84Pro supports a user-configurable print resolution of 203, 305 and 609 dpi.


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Sato SG112-ex

Print large format labels at top speed


The robust SG112-ex is designed to save operator time and improve work efficiency in fast-paced production environments. The printer uses thermal transfer and direct thermal printing up to 297mm width in continuous or tear-off operation, ideal for a wide range of applications including inventory management, shipping labels and GHS labelling for chemicals.


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Intelligent printers

Sato FX3-LX

Effortless label printing for complex operations


The award-winning SATO FX3-LX is a flexible, next-generation label printer that is suited to a wide range of industries due to its highly-customisable application technology and ability to adapt to its environment. The device’s intuitive printing applications are easily accessed via a 7-inch TFT full colour touch screen, which offers users the familiar feel of using a smartphone or tablet.


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Sato TH2

Portable, Mobile, Versatile


The new TH2 label printer offers intelligent printing capabilities and introduces the concept of Application Enabled Printing. Via LAN or an SD card, the entire database of the user can be imported, so that individual functions can be programmed and the printer can realize every imaginable application.


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Tag printers

Sato DR3

Versatile Stand-Alone Solution


You need a versatile printer that meets your diverse needs for hanging label printing? Print carton labels for clothes, accessories, luggage or tickets. Because of the ability to print cards up to 0.28 mm thick, the DR308e's capabilities in trailer and adhesive label printing are almost infinite.

Sato TG3

High-performance printers for B-T-C


Fulfill the requirements in the areas of advertising and price labelling with the SATO printer TG3 with integrated cutting and stacking device. Designed specifically for retail, the TG3 is suitable for all labelling and labelling needs in the clothing, accessories, household and toiletries, and cosmetics sectors.


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Print engines

Sato S84-ex, S86-ex

Innovative, powerful, easy to use


The new high-performance printing modules for demanding automatic label printing impress with their robust and application-optimized design, outstanding printing speed and absolute reliability even under extreme outdoor conditions.