Cablabel® S3 gives you the full power of cab devices

Cablabel® S3 is a label software that integrates three functions:

  • Make
  • Pressure
  • Guards

The software developed by cab opens up the full potential of the cab devices when it comes to design: a comprehensive set of commands is available in the intuitive interface. These include different date formats, mathematical or logical functions. Cablabel® S3 combines all cab labelling systems: you design the label first. When printing, do you decide whether to print it on a label printer, a printing and labelling system, or a marking laser. Does your marking system print labels independently of a host system in stand-alone mode? Cablabel® S3 also supports you here: After the design, the program provides you with the necessary files that you store for the stand-alone mode on the printer. Cablabel® S3 has a modular design and can be adapted step-by-step to your needs: elements such as the JScript viewer is plugged in to optimally support native programming with JScript as needed. If you change the label in the Designer interface, the display in the JScript Viewer will be adjusted live. Special functions such as the Database Connector or barcode testers can be conveniently integrated.


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Cablabel S3 Lite

Cablabel® S3 Lite comes with every printer for free and allows you to create and print simple labels.


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Cablabel S3 Pro

With Cablabel® S3 Pro you create label designs for the professional industrial sector and develop your own solutions for your label printing.



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Cablabel S3 Print

Cablabel® S3 Print is intended for users in production or warehouses. The interface is simplified and only provides the functions required for label printing: you select the label from a list and the layout is displayed for visual inspection. Then enter the variable information and the quantity to be printed. This simplifies the work and reduces possible sources of error.

Cablabel S3 Demo

Cablabel® S3 Demo allows interested users to install and test the software for free. All features of the Pro product can be used with the exception of the JScript viewer, the support of the stand-alone mode and the memory function.

Cablabel S3 Pro Laser* and Print Laser*

With the laser products you get the functionality of the Pro product or print product as well as the possibility to output the contents on a marking laser.

Cablabel S3 Print Server*

With Cablabel® S3 Print Server you automate the printing processes for the control of external applications such as an ERP system via web services (SOAP interface) or file interface (XML, CSV, ASCII). With the product you integrate cab labelling systems into your process chain, to print current data such as measurement or test results in labels.

Cablabel S3 Viewer

Cablabel® S3 Viewer displays the preview of a label in Windows Explorer. For example, the viewer can help you with approval processes or supplier specifications. The viewer comes with every cablabel® S3 for free.


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