Barcode labelling and integration software

CODESOFT is a mature label design and integration software offering unmatched flexibility, strength and support - making it one of the best label printing software in enterprise environments. With CODESOFT, you can easily integrate label printing and RFID technology into your business process, increasing both efficiency and control. Whether your goal is to manage assets and resources, control distribution channels and inventory, track documents and RFID tags, or manage records.


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3 different license models are available

CodeSoft Lite

Basic package with label design functions and database connection. A thermal transfer printer can be controlled at the same time.

CodeSoft Pro

Mid-range package with label design features, database connectivity and simple ActiveX Basic. One or three thermal transfer printers simultaneously controllable, as well as all Windows printers.

CodeSoft Enterprise


This version has unlimited printer support and is available as a network license (multi-user). CODESOFT Enterprise is scalable to your business growth so you can continue to meet your business needs.