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NiceLabel is a leading developer of label design software and label management systems that help companies increase the quality, speed and efficiency of their labelling and reduce costs. Our systems enable organisations to manage their entire labelling process from design through printing to managing one undergo digital transformation. The result is streamlined and efficient operations that help companies respond faster to changing market conditions and demands. It's now possible to roll out products faster and gain competitive advantage in their businesses. Manage your entire labelling process and all your users for maximum print productivity


The next-generation label management system

NiceLabel LMS is a next-generation, comprehensive label management system for regulated markets and those using a quality management system. The NiceLabel LMS includes everything you need to standardize,  centralize and control your labelling. The NiceLabel LMS includes a label designer, an application builder, a document management system, an online printing system, an integrated printing system, a non-production facility Environment as well as a change and transport system. It scales from five users to several thousand users and can be extended to remote sites, vendors or contract manufacturers.


Deployment Options

SaaS / CloudThe Label Cloud is a public cloud edition of our Label Management System (LMS), which is multi-client capable and hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This is our out-of-the-box service that does not require any IT infrastructure, installation or IT support. On-PremiseLMS Enterprise is an on-premise edition of our label management system hosted on your own IT infrastructure.


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NiceLabel Designer provides a familiar, Microsoft Word-style user experience. This makes it easy for anyone to create professional labels without the need for previous barcoding or designer training.


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Print accurately, consistently and without errors

Label printing with dynamic data is fundamentally different from printing other types of documents. The labelling system must enable production and warehouse staff to print quickly and accurately. NiceLabel ships with an all-in-one print template that gives users accurate label printing without any risk of error.


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Prevent Printing Errors and Improve Print Productivity

The true cost in the labelling area is the cost of misprints, mislabelling or even product recalls or fines. Other costs that should be considered are labor and training costs. The best course of action is to keep these costs to a minimum by automating and integrating label printing with your existing business applications. Manual printing saves costs by tailoring the print interface to the needs of users and processes.


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