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Collamat C6600 Labelling Machine

The user-friendly all-rounder with outstanding performance can handle your diverse labeling tasks at up to 30 m/min.

The allrounder

Thanks to its modular design, Collamat C 6600 can be configured to meet all requirements. The stepper motor drive allows discontinuous speeds up to 30 m/min (98ft/min).

Easy handling and high flexibility

Collamat C6600 is very easy to handle – the label pre-dispensing parameter and the label position on the product are adjustable independently from the dispensing speed. 

The ingenious Collamat modular design makes the machine flexible and its integration into any production line easy.

Our various applicator types make the Collamat labelers even more flexible and easy to use for almost all types of products/applications.


Wide application range thanks to the availability of various applicators for specific products; a spring-loaded flap applicator for pass-through labeling of uneven products; flap applicator with magnet for pass-through labeling
in small cavities or of light products; blow-on for labeling without contact with the product; tampon for stand-still labeling or labeling in cavities.

Collamat design

Electronics, drive unit, backing paper re-winder, and control panel integrated into one, space-saving unit.


The ingenious Collamat module rail design facilitates the installation of printers, scanners, or other devices. Flexibility and easy adaptation to new applications. Fast changeover times.

Easy operation

Settings can easily be changed by 4 potentiometers. Features label delay function – great for over-the-edge application without stopping the product flow.

Secure production

Saving the application parameters’ settings through the Data-hold

Fast set up

Set the label scanner, predispensing, label position, and application speed – and you are ready to work.

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ApplicatorsSpring loaded pinch roller
Flap with magnet
Fixed Applicator
CommunicationEncoder signal
Error signal
Goods scanner
Printer signal
Label reel diameter350mm
Labeling accuracy± 1 mm (1/25 in)
Max. Operational speed30 m/min (98ft/min)
Max. Passage Width95 mm (3 ¾ in)
160 mm (6 ¼ in)
Min. label lengthMin. label length
OptionsDigital control box
Extended peel plate
Label low
Label end detection
Mechanical label scanner for transparent labels
Pressure brushes/rollers/fingers
Side labelling kit
SettingsBy potentiometers
VersionRight or left

Want to know more?

Calo Amato

Vice President

+41 61 756 28 50

Calo Amato

Vice President

+41 61 756 28 50

Markus Maurer

Technical Manager

+41 61 756 28 27