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Labeling Machines

Labeling Systems for any purpose

We offer you a large assortment of different labeling machines. From the small labeling machine, for the first step into automation. Up to the high-speed labeler, which labels at speeds up to 300m/minute. Let us know your requirements, and we will advise you on selecting a suitable label machine.

What is a label system?

Labeling machines automatically dispense and apply self-adhesive labels to various products at various positions. For this purpose, the labels on the liner are transported to the dispensing edge, which peels each individual label from the liner and transfers it to the product with maximum precision. Depending on the product, the label is applied to the desired position by dispensing, blowing, or tamp-on applicators.

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Collamat Labeling Machines

Collamat C-Series Labeling Machines

When precision and performance meet reliability.

Collamat S-Series Labeling Machines

Versatile and space-saving multi-talents.

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