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Collamat C9100 Labelling Machine

The fast and robust high performance labeler masters your trickiest tasks with suveraeness, at up to 100M/min.

Freedom of production

With the external control unit, called Monitor, you get more freedom for your production. The user-friendly menu structure combined with program storage allows you to do product changes in the best time and reliability. Build-in monitoring functions make the control and optimization of the labeling process very comfortable. Discontinuous application speed of up to 100m/min and working widths of up to 160 mm open a wide range of applications. The Collamat 9100 is your choice if you are looking for a labeler giving you flexibility, high performance, and best accuracy.


With the help of encoder speed adaptation and the non-stop configuration, the system offers you the highest possible availability with minimal manpower 

Speed synchronization

Automatic continuous adjustment to the actual line speed by encoder input 

Zero downtime

Two units operating in the non-stop mode guarantee you continuous production 


With the intuitive menu structure, the operating of the labeler is no difficulty 


The capability to store 32 programs enables quick and reliable product change-over 

Precise labeling

Not just speed is what you get but also the best accuracy over the whole speed range 


Current application data and error messages can be observed by the operator on the monitor’s display.

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ApplicatorsSpring loaded pinch roller
Fixed Applicator
CommunicationEncoder signal
Error signal
Goods scanner
Label end detection
PLC signals (run, warning, error)
Printer signal
Signal lamp (green, orange, red)
Label reel diameter250mm
Labeling accuracy± 1 mm (1/25 in)
Max. Operational speed50 m/min (164 ft/min)
Max. Passage Width95 mm (3 ¾ in)
160 mm (6 ¼ in)
250 mm (9 7/8 in)
Operation modesMono
Non Stop
Extended peel plate
Label low
Label end detection
Mechanical label scanner for transparent labels
Pressure brushes/rollers/fingers
Side labelling kit
PrinterOn request
SettingsBy a seperate digital control box
VersionRight or left

Want to know more?

Calo Amato

Vice President

+41 61 756 28 50

Calo Amato

Vice President

+41 61 756 28 50

Markus Maurer

Technical Manager

+41 61 756 28 27