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Collamat S-Series

Labeling with precision, performance and reliability

High productivity and reliability

The Collamat S-Series is the ultimate answer when flexibility, high performance, and robustness are required. The Collamat S-series contains perfect machines for simple labeling applications and highly complex and high-speed product labeling applications.

With their aluminum housing, they offer maximum stability at minimum weight. If desired, also in IP54, if you want to wash the labeler off with water.

Modularity makes it highly flexible.

The distances between the applicator unit, the traction unit, and the unwinding unit can be built up individually. This modular concept makes it possible for the Collamat S to score again and again, even in the tightest or most difficult spaces.

All connections to the labeler (product scanner, encoder, non-stop mode, RS 232, Ethernet, etc.) are pluggable.

High productivity with large label rolls

More capacity thanks to 400mm big label rolls. This means, for example, 80% longer interruption-free production time than with a conventional 300mm label roll.

The S line allows you to dispense labels from 10mm up to 250mm wide with the highest precision.
 It also includes a high-speed labeler that can label at speeds up to 300m/minute.

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Collamat S-Series Labeling Machines

Collamat S50 Labelling Machine

Flexibility and precision, up to 50 m/minute – nonstop!

Collamat S100 Labelling Machine

Flexibility and precision, up to 00 m/minute – nonstop!

Collamat S300 Labelling Machine

Flexibility and precision, up to 300 m/minute – nonstop!!

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