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Collamat S300 High Speed Labelling Machine

Flexibility and precision, up to 300 m/minute – nonstop!

When high speed and precision are needed – Collamat S 300 is the solution

Collamat S 300 is easy to handle – the setup times are very short because of the intuitive menu guide at the control panel and the possibility to store up to 99 programmes. The powerful micro-step motor drive allows for high precision labelling quality. The high resolution encoder guarantees the best possible labelling accuracy.

The High Speed Labeller Collamat S 300 can work in several operational modes: It can work in MONO mode for easy tasks, in NON-STOP mode, where two labellers are installed and connected together and, the automatic change-over (in case of label reel end, liner break, error, etc.) from one labeller to the other, guarantees that all products are labelled. The TANDEM mode is also realized with two labellers which alternate the labels on the product to increase productivity.

Space saving and flexibility

The complete electronics and the motorised re-winder are integrated in the body of the traction unit. The compact size of the labeller makes the integration in a production line very easy. The modular design allows integration (also at a later point) of external devices like printers, scanners, black mark readers, etc.

High Quality

The wear is reduced to a minimum. The stepper motor drive and the motorised re-winder need little maintenance. All bodies are made of die casted Aluminium for maximal stability and to avoid electromagnetic disturbances.

Dual core processor

The fast processor makes the exact calculation of all parameters, for each label, in real time.

Adjustable ramps

All ramp parameters of the motor are adjustable in order to adapt the acceleration to the different label qualities. The programmable ramps and the special label applicator reduce the risk of liner break to an absolute minimum.

Self-teach label scanner

The optical label scanner has a self-teaching function and adapts itself continuously to the environmental light, label transparency variations, etc.

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ApplicatorsHigh speed applicator for carton
High speed applicator for paper and flat surfaces
CommunicationEncoder signal
Error signal
Goods scanner
Label end detection
PLC signals (run, warning, error)
Printer signal
Signal lamp (green, orange, red)
Label reel diameter350mm
Labeling accuracy+/- 1.5 mm (1/16 in) at 150 m/min (500 ft/min) depending on the label specification
Max. label length100mm (4 in)
Max. Operational speed300 m/min (1000 ft/min)
Max. Passage Width95 mm (3 ¾ in)
Min. label length25mm (1 in)
Operation modesMono
Non Stop
OptionsMechanical label scanner for transparent labels
Splicer / external un-winder
Suction unit for waste liner
Productivity60’000 labels/hour (or 120’000 labels/hour in Tandem mode) depending on the label length
SettingsKeyboard and display (control panel)
VersionRight or left

Want to know more?

Calo Amato

Vice President

+41 61 756 28 50

Calo Amato

Vice President

+41 61 756 28 50

Markus Maurer

Technical Manager

+41 61 756 28 27