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Collamat Linerfree® Wipe On Version

Sustainable labeling of moving products without waste. Custom-printed labels of variable length. Double operating time and less storage costs.

Labeling of moving products with zero waste

Typically for applications where the products to be labeled are in motion and have similar reference points when the label is applied. Ideal for wipe-on applications and over-the-edge applications.


No backing paper = zero waste

Double operating time – reduced downtime

50% more capacity on each label roll


Variable label lengths possible for each label

Reduction of label stocking costs

Different label formats possible with one label roll

User friendly

Fewer & faster label roll changes

More Capacity

Higher capacity – compared the tamp on application

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ApplicatorsWipe on
Industry 4.o
Smart control
Design SoftwareBartender
Windows Driver
Dispenser Modules150 mm (6 in)
350mm (13 3/4 in)
Label reel diameter300mm (12 in)
Max. label length150mm (6 in)
350mm (13 3/4 in)
Max. Passage Width100 mm (4 in)
OptionsNon Stop Mode
Print TechnologyDirect thermal
PrinterIntegrated 4″ Zebra Printer
SettingsBy potentiometers
Intuitive touch panel with icon based user interface
VersionRight or left

Want to know more?

Calo Amato

Vice President

+41 61 756 28 50

Markus Maurer

Technical Manager

+41 61 756 28 27