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HSA Minitouch F-Type thermal inkjet printer

Ideal for integration on packaging lines, webs, inserters, folders, or collators


With its small size, the controller fits where you want it. With the printheads mounted externally, the printer can be used for down print as well as side print. The compact version (MiniTouch and side/low printhead) gives you a controller and printhead in one unit making it ideal for side printing, e.g. on boxes. 

Choose From ½”-2” Print Height

The HSAJET® MiniTouch MTHP4 can control up to 2″ print height. Mount the controller directly on a one or two pen printhead (side/low version) for a compact version or utilize the flexibility of the MiniTouch to connect up to 4 pens to the controller, either as single heads or with a distributor box in a combination of 1, 2, and 3-pen printheads.

5.7″ Touch Interface

Use the touch pen or simply a pointed finger to control the MiniTouch. Illustrative, easy to understand icons lead
users through all phases of building a print job making printing simple and fast.

Advanced Administrator Options In Software

Flexible user-level management can guarantee that the correct data is printed. You are also able to grant user rights as desired and protect them by a unique password. In addition, content may be filled by a prompt that optionally must be validated by a different user for guaranteed accuracy. The controller is preloaded with a wide range of menu languages, as well as localized month and day names.

HP TIJ 2.5 Technology

The HSAJET® MiniTouch is based upon reliable HP technology which delivers consistent, high-quality, fast printing, exceptional value, and ease of use.

Ink Cartridges

A wide range of inks for each application is available: spot colors, UV inks, and fast-drying inks. The printer allows parameters settings for each ink to reach the best performance in all situations.

  • 1D & 2D CODES*


CommunicationControl connection (SUB D15)
Encoder Input 3-33 V (SUB D9)
Ethernet (LAN) 100 Mbit
In-/output 3-33 V (SUB D9)
Power supply (SUB D15 F)
Printhead connection (SUB D25 F)
RS232 (serial)
USB 2.0
Design SoftwareMiniDraw (PC) or on controller
Horizontal resolution2400 DPI
HousingAnodized aluminium
Max. Print Height12.7 – 50.8 mm (½ in – 2 in 1 to 4 pens)
Memory2 GB internal
Print Distance
0.5-2.0 mm (nozzle to print surface)
Print TechnologyHP TIJ 2.5
Print HeadsPrintheads 1-, 2-,3- or 4 pen F-type printheads
Settings5.7″ Touchscreen
Vertical Resolution600 DPI

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Vice President

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