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Labelmate Label rewinder ZCAT-6 L/R

Handles labels up to 170mm wide with a roll diameter capacity up to 300mm

1,345.00  ex. VAT

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The revolutionnary new ZCAT-6 Zero Tension Loop Rewinder is the ideal solution for colour inkjet printers, printers that back feed, as well as for extremely sensitive printers that cannot tolerate any rewind force without causing undesirable registration or artifact problem. A free-hanging “loop” of label stock is created between the printer and the Tensioning Roller of the ZCAT-6 thereby eliminating all tension whatsoever on the printer. A special chassis mounted photo-detector starts and stops the rewinding action based on the optimum depth of the loop. Fully adjustable tension exists between the Tensioning Roller and the Rewinder thus yielding a consistent and tightly wound finished roll.