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Labeling your product
our competence


Eco friendly

high uptime

on-site support

Getting a labeling system that matches your needs requires immense knowledge

It is important to find a labeling system that exactly meets your requirements. Several customers have told us about their challenges in finding an adequate labeling system. We solved these challenges for our customers right at the beginning of our partnership.

Difficulty in finding a labeling system that is tailored to our requirements, local conditions, and budget.

It took us a long time to find a competent and uncomplicated installation partner who supported us from A to Z.

Finding a loyal service partner with long spare parts availability can be difficult.

With a partner who supports you and understands your processes, your products are continuously and precisely labeled.

Labeling systems for any need

We offer you a large assortment of different labeling machines. From the small labeling machine, for the first step into automation. Up to the high-speed labeler, which labels at speeds up to 300 m/min. Let us know your requirements and we will be happy to advise you on the selection of a suitable label machine.

We guide you to the perfect match


Mark your products with labels. Or mark the products directly with an inkjet.

environment friendly

We help you to make your product labeling processes as sustainable as possible.


Collamat products are very low-wear and are known for a long life cycle.

On-site support

We offer on-site support and remote maintenance.

When your partner guides you and understands your business, your labeling system will match your needs.

3 steps to the perfect match

1. Book a free call

Call us and we will take care of your request. By phone or on-site, as you wish.

2. Specify the best solution for you

Based on the local conditions and your wishes, together we specify the most adequate solution for you.

3. Install the system

Based on your production plans, we plan the installation. Then we will integrate the system together. After, we will accompany the production.

Labeling systems from Collamat

Collamat C-Series labeling machine

The Collamat C-Series contains many different machines for simple labeling applications as well as
applications for highly complex product labeling.

Collamat S-Series labeling machine

The Collamat S-Serie is the ultimate answer, when flexibility, high performance, and robustness are required.

Collamat Linerfree® print and apply system

With Collamat Linerfree®, the useless liner material can be completely avoided during labeling. Less waste. Fewer costs. Good for the environment.

Collamat Inline print and dispensing system

With the Collamat Etiprint Inline you get the best of two technology in one unit. Highest quality label printing and fastest possible application at up to 50 m/min. The Collamat technology allows you to use or retrofit a vendor-independent print engine (e.g. from Zebra, Sato, CAB, etc.)

Collamat print & apply system

Collamat Etiprint Print & Apply offers the possibility to print individual data for each label and then apply the actual printed label immediately to the corresponding product. This is often required when each individual product must be labeled with individual print data. The Collamat technology allows you to use or retrofit a vendor-independent print engine (e.g. from Zebra, Sato, CAB, etc.)

Direct product marking

The high-resolution inkjet printers with HP printing technology use thermal inkjet technology. This technology has already proven itself millions of times in office printers and has now been adapted for industrial and robust use. These inkjet printers are completely maintenance-free and can be fitted with different ink cartridges in no time at all.

Want to know more, contact us or a local distributor.

Download our full range of labeling systems

A wide product range, such as Collamat’s, offers a variety of possibilities. This allows us to meet our customers’ needs from semi-automated solutions to high-speed automated solutions.

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