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Terms and conditions

General Sales Conditions

  1. Conditions of delivery and of performance
    The supplies and services of Collamat AG are described in the order confirmation respectively the invoice. The
    supplies and the term for delivery are to be understood as ex factory.
  2. Delivery term
    The delivery terms offered and accepted will be respected to the extent possible. They may be prolonged without
    granting the client any right to compensation whatsoever should unforeseen events as understood under force
    majeure arise such as war, international crisis, lack of personnel or materials, strikes etc. This also applies when
    subsuppliers are in such a situation. The delivery terms will also be prolonged should information required in
    order to carry out the agreement not be provided to Collamat AG or be provided late.
  3. Default of payment
    In the event of default of payment Collamat AG reserve their right to request interest as of the date for payment
    stated in the invoice without any notice of default. All non justified deductions will be claimed subsequently.
  4. Reservation of proprietary rights
    The goods delivered remain the property of Collamat AG until fully paid for. Collamat AG reserve the right to
    register the reservation of proprietary right in the relevant register.
  5. Set off
    Any set off of a claim for the sales price with any indemnification claim of any kind is excluded.
  6. Compensation in the event of non-performance of the sales agreement
    Should the client not fulfill its obligations and should Collamat AG make use of its rights to take back the deliverer
    merchandise, a withdrawal from the agreement only takes place if this is expressly declared in written form by
    Collamat AG. In such a case Collamat AG may claim full compensation for all damages sustained.
  7. Warranty
    In accordance with the following definitions Collamat AG extend a warranty for six months from the date of
    delivery for possible defects of material and manufacture on a base of 5 working days a week at 8 working hours per day.
    Warranty is limited to the material. Transportation, installation, overall travel time, travel expenses,
    accommodation and food are no part of the warranty.
    Excluded from the warranty are malfunctions and defects caused by extreme environmental influences (dust,
    humidity, acidity, salt etc.), improper operation, negligence, influence of third persons or for any other reason not advocated by Collamat AG.
    Consumables and parts subjected to wear and tear, such as ink ribbons, types, pressure rollers, traction rollers,
    counter-pressure rollers, dispensing edges, clutch discs etc., are excluded from the warranty.
    For goods supplied by third parties Collamat AG accepts warranties only within the warranties limited by the sub-contractor.
    Claims for damages must be addressed to Collamat AG in written form within the warranty period as long as the
    machine is installed and in operation.
    Collamat AG undertake to repair or replace defective parts at its own discretion; further claims (in particular
    exchange of complete machine, reduction, claims for compensation of any kind as well as withdrawal from
    contract) are excluded.
    The warranty for repaired or replaced parts is limited to the end of the warranty for the original equipment.
  8. Claims for damage / malfunction
    Such claims must be made immediately and in written form, at the latest within one week after the machine has
    been installed and commissioned.
    Collamat AG is entitled to refuse customers’ claims for monetary compensation by replacement of parts
    concerned. Further claims are excluded.
  9. Applicable Law and Venue
    Any disputes shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Arlesheim, Canton of Baselland,
    Switzerland, and shall be governed by, interpreted, and construed according to the laws of Switzerland. The
    application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is