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Collamat C-Series

Versatile and space-saving multi-talents

High Versability

The Collamat C-Series contains many different machines for simple labeling applications as well as applications for highly complex product labeling.

High Flexibility

The C line allows you to dispense labels from 10mm up to 160mm wide with high precision. With speed from 3 – 100m /min. 

The distances between the applicator unit, the traction unit, and the unwinding unit can be built up individually. This modular concept makes it possible for the Collamat C to score again and again, even in the tightest or most difficult of spaces.

High accuracy

Since the Collamat label dispensers scan each individual label at the peel-off bar before dispensing, the labeling systems achieve maximum labeling accuracy.

High stability

Collamat label dispensers are extremely low-wear. The operation of each label dispenser is very user-friendly.

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Collamat C-Series

Collamat C2600 Labelling machine

The first step with a solid and expandable automatic label dispenser

Collamat C4300 Labelling Machine

The versatile and cost-efficient labeler that masters your various labeling tasks reliably and precisely at up to 25 m/min.

Collamat C6600 Labelling Machine

The user friendly all-rounder with outstanding performance that can handle your diverse labeling tasks at up to 30 m/min.

Collamat C7300 Labelling Machine

The universal and cost-effective labeller that masters your various labelling tasks reliably and precisely at up to 50 m/min.

Collamat C8600 Labelling Machine

The high-performance labeler masters your trickiest tasks with sureness, at up to 50M/min.

Collamat C9100 Labelling Machine

The fast and robust high performance labeler masters your trickiest tasks with suveraeness, at up to 100M/min.

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Technical Manager

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